Monday, September 22, 2008

Farewell Yankee Stadium!

It's finally over...I can't believe that the world's most famous sports venue is finally gone! The final game played in "The House That Ruth Built" occurred yesterday, and it was a very emotional event for all. I got choked up by just watching the pre-game festivities, game, and post-game event. Seeing Jeter give his speech as the captain after the game, and the Yankees making a lap around the stadium to honor the fans was done in the typical classy perfection expected of the  Yankees. Hearing all of the fans, former players, and celebs give their memories of the Stadium was a very moving event. I was very impressed on the great job that ESPN did on the entire day's coverage of the event, in addition, it was a nice touch that ESPN allowed the hometown YES network Yankees broadcaster to do the 7th inning play-by-play. Babe Ruth hit the first homer in the Stadium's debut in 1923 and Jose Molina hit the last homer in 2008. It saddens me to think that the existing stadium will be gone forever, with all of the history it's had. That's a hard act to follow for the new Yankee stadium. Just think, baseball's history existed in the 85 year life-span of Yankee stadium. Next time that I go back to NY, hopefully next summer, Yankee stadium will be completely gone and turned into youth baseball fields. Too bad the existing stadium couldn't be kept standing as a museum/ tourist attraction, just as the Colosseum still stands in Rome. Yankee stadium is America's colosseum and should be honored as much. Unfortunately, I have only been able to attend games in Yankee stadium twice in my lifetime, but conversely, God blessed me to be able to see Yankee stadium in person, not only once, but twice in my lifetime. Many people do not even get the opportunity to see it once, except for on TV, which doesn't give you the same feel. Yankee stadium, you will truly be missed and always loved by those who got to know you in their lifetimes. At least we have our pictures and fond memories to allow you to live on! 

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