Sunday, December 28, 2008

Big Unit goes home

Well, there he goes again, keeping with tradition, getting another old dude to fill the team with! But alas my fellow black and orange fans...the Bay Area native still has it in him. It's only an 1 year/$8 million deal. If Bochy is smart, he will put Randy Johnson in the pen as their closer. He should last longer by throwing 1 maybe 2 innings in the games that they are winning...based on last season, it shouldn't be very often. Hopefully that turns around this season. Especially since he had two recent back surgeries. We saw him pitch last season in Tempe during spring training and he was lights out against the Angels. I have to say that I am very excited about this move. This is the first move that the Gigantes have made in a very long time that I am actually excited about. Lincecum, Cain, Lowry, Zito, and Sanchez in the rotation and Big Unit closing it out at baseball's best address...not bad, except for #4.  Now if they could sign some decent bats during the off-season to give some offense for Unit to come in for a save opportunity. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What economic woes?

I guess the economic woes haven't hit the New York Yankees. At least they don't act like it has with signing Teixeira, Sabathia, and Burnett to long FAT contracts. Steinbrenner is spending money like there's no tomorrow. With low sales on the new cathedral's luxury boxes and they just got hit with a huge $27 million luxury tax by MLB this week, it is surprising that they can still keep going like this! Conversely, they are offering 25 cent bleacher seats for their first two exhibition games at the new generous of Steinbrenner to go back to the 1923 bleacher seat price of a quarter, just in time for Christmas! They are making it really affordable to anyone, even those fans living in Washington Heights. But once the season gets started, those same seats will go for $2500 leaving the average joe to get priced out and have to watch the games on YES and MY 9 at home. I guess the Steinbrenners need to keep those prices consistently high to make their payroll...not to mention they will sell a crap load of new CC, AJ, and Teixeira jerseys wit their new Yankee Stadium inaugural season patches. They have to pay their big contracts and their end of the mostly publicly funded new stadium some how. Teixeira will be a big improvement at first base replacing Giambi. Hopefully they will get Andy Pettite on board for next season...he shouldn't cost too much money, in comparison. I'm calling it now, the Yankees win the '09 WS, ending their 9 year drought.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Designated Hitter

The National League (aka, the "inferior league" as I like to call it) should wise up and go with having a DH...not such a popular idea with the purists, but it's time for the NL to get with the times. The American League began using the designated hitter position on Opening Day 1973. The theory itself was developed much earlier and historians have found an instance where Connie Mack made a case for the position in 1906. In 1928 National League President (1918-1934) John Heydler wanted to bring the DH to the senior circuit in an attempt to speed up the game, but the idea was rejected during the Winter Meetings. Two early attempts that failed, but on Opening Day 1973, Ron Blomberg of the New York Yankees became the first designated hitter in the history of baseball starting a three-year experiment that has lasted more than twenty-five years. The DH provides the fans a better game by watching the best pitchers vs. the best hitters throughout the game.
I will give my top ten reasons why having the DH is best for the game of baseball:
10.) It keeps the game exciting for fans by having another power hitter in the lineup. 
9.) It extends the careers of great hitters (like Tony Gwynn, Frank Thomas, and Paul Molitor) who can't manage the wear and tear of the long season due to age.
8.)  Once the pitchers get to the Bigs, they suck at hitting and base running- (Chien Ming Wang)
7.) All of the top contenders have them. (BoSox, NYY, ANA)
6.) What's better? A sac bunt or a mile-long blast into the upper deck by Harold Baines.
5.) The DH is used in most professional leagues around the world and in all NCAA games.
4.) The DH position is used for injury recovering players to help get in game shape.
3.) The DH position is used to give players a partial day-off, giving them some rest while the other team is batting.
2.) The DH removes the "easy out" that a batting pitcher provides.
1.) Big Papi...need I say more?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why Derek Jeter is MLB's Poster Boy...

I'm tired of all of these Jeter-haters out there, so I created this list to demonstrate DJ's accomplishments. He is what all MLB players should aspire to be. He has class, and gives a 110% in every game...he plays the game the Yankee way. 

These are the top 10 reasons why everyone should give the Yankee Captain respect:
10.) Drafted by NY out of high school in 1992, he never needed to play college ball. 
9.)He has spent his entire career with the Yankees, starting in 1995 when he was 20 years old.
8.) In 2000, he became the only player to win both the All-Star Game MVP and the World Series MVP in the same year.
7.) He is a 9 time All-Star shortstop.
6.) He won the AL Rookie of the Year in 1995.
5.) He has won 3 Silver Slugger Awards.
4.) He is a three time Gold Glove Award Winner (the most recent award was in 2006).
3.) He has been in the top seven in the AL in both hits and runs scored for nine of the past 10 years.
2.) His .317 career batting average through the 2007 season ranks him with the 5th highe
st lifetime batting average of all active baseball players.
1.) Derek tied "Iron Horse" Lou Gehrig for the most hits at Yankee Stadium (1,269) with a homerun off TB pitcher David Price on 9/14/08 (that's the game we were at). Two days later, on 9/16/08, he went on to break the record off of the Chi Sox pitcher Gavin Floyd. A record that will never be broken, since Yankee Stadium is no more, and it will not carry over to the new stadium.

Honorable mention of accomplishments that didn't make the top ten list:
- 4 time World Series winner.
- He is only one of two MLB players sponsored by Michael Jordan (The other is Andruw Jones).
- He represented Team USA as the starting shortstop in the WBC in '06 (batting .450)including  the upcoming '09 tournament.
- Has dated: Mariah Carey, Miss Universe Lara Dutta, Jordana Brewster, Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima, Jessica Biel, Vanessa Minillo, and Minka Kelly. Not to mention rumored to have dated Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johanson, and Tyra Banks...what a PIMP !!!
- Appeared on SNL.
- He has been on the Simpsons and Sesame Street.
- He is part owner of three 24 Hour Fitness clubs in NYC.
- My wife, along with most red blooded American women think "he's so wonderful."

Saturday, December 13, 2008

CC and K Rod to NYC and Jeter's USA

Okay, so it's cool that the Yankees signed CC, but I don't agree with such a lengthy contract...7 years!? Did the Steinbrenners not learn anything from the Zito debacle? The only difference is that Sabathia is in his prime and Barry was past his prime when the deals were signed. If my last name was Steinbrenner, I would have offered a 3 year/ 65 mil., or maybe a 4 year 80 million dollar contract. I like it that the Bombers got Burnett from TOR for 5 years. That will be a great rotation with CC, Burnett, Wang, Pettite, and Joba. Wow!!! Maybe a championship during their first year in their new stadium...The House that Jeter Built. The Yanks won't have to worry as much about ANA because they just lost K-Rod to the Mets...take that Scoscia! 
Speaking of the Prince of New York and MLB's poster boy, DJ just announced that he will return as the starting SS for Team USA in the WBC...I think that the US will go to the finals at Chavez Ravine and not embarrass themselves like they did in the '06 WBC. Especially since they won't have the Big Choke, Madonna's boy toy at third taking up space. The US born A-Rod announced that he will play for the DR this time, a decision that he struggled with 3 years ago. I would like to see David Wright at the hot corner for the US, giving a much improved IF left side. I know that the DR is always a power house, but come-on...Alou is managing??? Lame!!! And no Vlad Guerrero again. I don't think that they will go much past the 2nd round this time. 

Even my pisan, Tommy Lasorda, will be involved...serving as the '09 WBC's Ambassador...that's pretty cool! I like the US's manager's choice this year, Davey Johnson, is much improvement over Buck Martinez. Johnson led the US Olympic team to bronze in Beijing a few months ago and is a proven leader. It would only be better if Torre was managing the team, but Johnson is a great choice! Buck just needs to stick with doing TV commentary and leave the managing to the experts. I can't wait for Toronto and hopefully I can catch a game at Chavez Ravine in the finals. Keep your ears to ground my friends!

Friday, December 5, 2008

So long Senor Vizquel

The Giants just signed Edgar Rentaria to play short, which solidifies that the aren't going to resign the Venezualan legend Omar Vizquel. The future hall of famer played for the Giants for 5 years and even though he's 41 years old, he still can bring a solid gold glove to the short stop position...I would suspect that someone will sign him, and be very lucky to do so. Omar will truly be missed, he was my favorite Giant player, since JT Snow retired a few years back. 

I'm not sure if Sabbean made that great of a decision, replacing one old guy for another at short stop. I would have kept Vizquel for a couple of more seasons and tried to get a homegrown youngster from the farm system. Sabbean really makes some dumb decisions, like the ludicrous Zito contract and keeping the Bonds' circus going for way too long. Not to mention getting lame ass Bochy as the manager...they should have got Bud Black instead. But I think his worst mistake was trading away Liriano and Nathan to the Twins. I'm surprised that he hasn't tried to ship Lincecum off for some lame ass wash up. Really, getting Rich Aurillia back? Sabbean sure likes collecting old dudes! He makes it difficult to stay a Giants fan. Take some management lessons from Steinbrenner for Pete's sake!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baseball's Best Address

So we took a little trip up to the Bay Area and I decided to squeeze in a tour of AT&T Park. In my opinion, it is the second nicest ballpark in the majors that I have visited. (The first being Busch Stadium in STL). It was pretty cool going into the locker room, press boxes, dugouts, etc... There were a group of minor leaguers practicing while we we there. 

The best part was seeing the huge orange banner outside the front of the park in Willie Mays Plaza congratulating Tim Lincecum for being the 2008 NL Cy Young Award winner. Tim is only the second Giant ever to win the prestigious award.

After the tour, I had some SF traditional garlic fries at 
Gordon Biersch about half a mile from the stadium...who can 
go to AT&T Park and not have the garlic fries? And since the concession stands weren't open due to the off season, I had to get my fix somewhere!

After a belly full of delicious garlic fries, I treated myself to a clearance priced authentic BP jersey from the Giants Dugout Store, that I have been wanting since spring training 2004! Speaking of shopping, Gina got a sweet new coat & scarf at the Gap and trust me, she looks super hot in them. I love giving gifts to myself and the wifey, especially since I can be confident that it is truly appreciated. Nothing worse than giving gifts to people that don't express any gratitude or even acknowledge it at all. We also did the tourist thing and went sight seeing to the newly renovated California Academy of Sciences, Fisherman's Wharf, and the world famous prison known as "the Rock" on Alcatraz island. We ate at some really good places: we had crab and corn chowder in sourdough bread bowls at fisherman's wharf, hot fudge sundaes at Ghiradelli square, and we ate a very pricey but delicious meal at Morton's in Union Square. We even had a chance to go ice skating in the outdoor rink next to our hotel, the Hyatt, at the Embarcadero Center. That was a lot of fun, since it as the first time that I strapped on the the ice skates since I stopped playing hockey 4 years ago. Needless to say, we had a blast in SF...we pretty much always do have a great time when we go up there, it's one of my favorite vacations places in the world, especially when you put all of their politics aside. 

This was my best trip to SF, since I was 15 when my parents took me there to see a Giants game at the Stick as a junior high school graduation gift. It was a very cold Sunday on July 29th in 1990, where my parents bought me a sweet Giants hoodie at the game so I wouldn't freeze to death, while I watched Scotty Garrelts pitch a one hitter versus Chris Sabo's Reds. The Giants won the game 4-0. My friends, I am sharing with you one of my most treasured childhood memories. I will always remember that weekend of continuos MC Hammer playing in the car, my dad getting lost in Oak town, eating a Giant dog, wearing split Giants/A's caps, seeing one of my childhood heroes, Will "the Thrill" Clark, play in person, and going to an A's game to see the juiced up bash brothers in action. Glad that the Giants have a more climate friendly stadium for the fans now, playing their home games at "baseball's best address."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2009 WBC


We just booked our tickets and travel to watch the 2009 World Baseball Classic in the Great White North! We are going to see the 1st round of the WBC at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada. I can't wait to see team USA battle Italy, Canada, and Venezuela in the 1st round Pool C group. Hopefully Jeter's team USA does much better than they did in the 2006 Inaugural WBC...I'd like to see them play in the finals at Dodger Stadium. The competition is going to be fierce, as Korea went undefeated to take the gold in the Beijing Olympics, Japan is looking to win back to back titles, and Cuba is predicted to have an even better team than what they did in the Olympics and in the '06 WBC Finals losing to Japan. Don't expect the DR to suck as bad as they did in the '06 WBC either. Either's all about the Red, White, and Blue...Stars and Stripes forever...USA, USA, USA!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

I suck

Man I suck at making predictions...if any of you readers are betting people, it's probably safe to say that you will win a lot of money if your bets are completely opposite of my predictions! Oh well, the Phils are the '08 WS Champs, their first title since 1980. So, now it's officially the off-season, but it should be pretty interesting with all of the big name free agents floating around in the market. I will be watching all of the action like a hawk...stay thirsty my friends!

Monday, October 20, 2008

2008 World Series Prediction

Okay, so it's somewhat of a boring World Series with the Phillies and the Rays. So here's my prediction...Rays win in 6 games over the Phillies to earn their first title in their history.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Phillies vs. Rays???

WTF!?!? Good thing that I'm not a betting man! Every prediction that I have made so far were totally least the way it looks so far with both the Phils and the Rays up 3 games to 1.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Playoff Predictions

My friends, so I made the same lame predictions as all of the so-called "experts." Now I am making my new predictions, after tonight's Red Sox defeat of baseball's 101 win team... 

Dodgers beat the Phillies in 6 games

Red Sox beat the Rays in 5 games

World Series
Red Sox beat the Dodgers in 6 games

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wild, Wild, Playoffs

Hello my friends. Wow, the playoffs are full of twists and turns, not to mention, upsets! Torre led the Dodgers with a sweep of the NL's best by using his post-season magic. Thats the same magic that he used for 11 years as the Yankees skipper, now LA gets a real chance at a WS run on their 20 year anniversary of their last WS win and their 50th anniversary since moving from NY. Next stops for Torre are the pesky Phillies in the NLDS. Steinbrenner, why did you piss him off and let him go?
Now, the Red Sox are on the verge of eliminating the 100 win season Angels from the playoffs again for 5 years in a row! I can't wait to see Papi and Company destroy the Angels tonight to move on to face the Tampa in the ALDS. 

My predictions were way off...but I am excited regardless to see the playoffs and the series. I love this time of the year. I want to cheer for Torre, but it's so hard to root for the Dodgers. So I am going for a Philly & Boston world series.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It's that time, where the weather starts to cool, the leaves start to turn orange and baseball heats up. Time for the playoffs! Time for my predictions:

Cubs beat the Dodgers in 4 games.
Phillies beat Milwaukee in 4 games.

Angels beat the Red Sox in 5 games.
Rays sweep the White Sox.

Cubs beat the Phillies in 6 games.

Angels beat the Rays in 5 games.

Cubs beat the Angels in 7 games to break their 100 losing streak.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mets Lose It...Again!

That's all folks...for the NY Mets. Unfortunately they blew it again for the 2nd year straight by falling apart at the last minute to miss the playoffs. Now who's to blame this year? They don't have Willie Randolph to use as their scape goat this time.  Maybe the problem isn't with the manager at all, but with Omar Minaya...and he's getting a fat contract renewal after this season! Go figure that one out. Shea goodbye to the Mets again this year and hopefully they can do better in their new ballpark, Citi Field, in 2009. Until then, Mr. Met will have to watch the mediocre Dodgers, Brewers, and Phillies struggle against the Cubbies in the inferior league's playoffs. Lou Pinella's Cubs will be the NL champs, and hopefully break their 100 year drought from their last WS win in 1908.

On the flip side, the AL playoffs seem a little more interesting with the Rays, Angels, BoSox, and either the ChiSox or Twinkies will be heating up October. Hopefully the Twins will beat out the southsiders for the AL Central...I really can't stand the loud mouth Ozzie and the cheating, cry baby AJ to see in the playoffs this year. It would be a nice treat to see the Twins in the playoffs, especially since they had low expectations placed upon them after losing Johan and Torii. The AL champs will be, the 2002 WS champs, the LA Angels of Anaheim. 

Since my Yankees aren't in the playoffs for the first time in 13 years, man Joe Torre sure is missed, my playoff team this year will be the Chicago Cubs. I believe! The fans, the organization, and historical Wrigley Field deserves this, and what a fitting time to win it on their 100 year anniversary of their last WS win. 

Last, I went to the San Gennaro Feast in LA today for the very first time, I can't be more disappointed. I loved my San Gennaro experience two weeks ago in Little Italy, NYC, and thought it'd be cool to do a comparison. The LA copy version of the event was so small in size with only a handful of vendors, maybe 100 yards in length in total...whereas, the original eastcoast version had dozens of vendors that went on for blocks, covering the entire span of the Little Italy community. Also, the pizza sucked at the LA event...LA has so much more to learn about food, and celebrating the Italian American culture. Keep trying Jimmy Kimmel, hopefully, you and Adam Corolla will get it right someday.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Farewell Yankee Stadium!

It's finally over...I can't believe that the world's most famous sports venue is finally gone! The final game played in "The House That Ruth Built" occurred yesterday, and it was a very emotional event for all. I got choked up by just watching the pre-game festivities, game, and post-game event. Seeing Jeter give his speech as the captain after the game, and the Yankees making a lap around the stadium to honor the fans was done in the typical classy perfection expected of the  Yankees. Hearing all of the fans, former players, and celebs give their memories of the Stadium was a very moving event. I was very impressed on the great job that ESPN did on the entire day's coverage of the event, in addition, it was a nice touch that ESPN allowed the hometown YES network Yankees broadcaster to do the 7th inning play-by-play. Babe Ruth hit the first homer in the Stadium's debut in 1923 and Jose Molina hit the last homer in 2008. It saddens me to think that the existing stadium will be gone forever, with all of the history it's had. That's a hard act to follow for the new Yankee stadium. Just think, baseball's history existed in the 85 year life-span of Yankee stadium. Next time that I go back to NY, hopefully next summer, Yankee stadium will be completely gone and turned into youth baseball fields. Too bad the existing stadium couldn't be kept standing as a museum/ tourist attraction, just as the Colosseum still stands in Rome. Yankee stadium is America's colosseum and should be honored as much. Unfortunately, I have only been able to attend games in Yankee stadium twice in my lifetime, but conversely, God blessed me to be able to see Yankee stadium in person, not only once, but twice in my lifetime. Many people do not even get the opportunity to see it once, except for on TV, which doesn't give you the same feel. Yankee stadium, you will truly be missed and always loved by those who got to know you in their lifetimes. At least we have our pictures and fond memories to allow you to live on! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NYC Trip '08

Well, we just got back to Cali from the Big Apple and we had a blast! I hated to come back. It was the best trip we have ever taken, in my opinion. We went to Ground Zero on 9/11, saw all of the sites (Empire State Bldg, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Times Square, etc...), not to mention going to a couple of ball games (one at Shea and the other at Yankee Stadium). I have never felt more American than I did on that trip. We stayed in Queens, not too far from Shea and would take the buses and trains everywhere. We even had an extended stay on 125th Street (Harlem) when the 4 was evacuated due to a sick passenger, and had to wait about 40 minutes for another train to come. We became very familiar with the 7 train and the Q48 bus during our week long stay. The cops in NYC are actually friendly when you ask them for directions. 

The timing of our trip was perfect...we went to Little Italy and the San Gennaro Feast was going on. Talk about feeling a huge appreciation for my Italian American pride and the Italian American community of NYC. The pizza, baked ziti and cannolis were the best that we had ever tasted!

We got to see monument park during our behind the scenes tour of the Stadium. Talk about an amazing and historical place. 

The new stadium was almost complete right next door to the House that Ruth Built. Same for Citi Field was almost done next to Shea. Both of these will open for use next season, and the old stadiums sadly would be torn down. 

We had really pimp seats at Yankee Stadium...we were right behind the Yankees dugout, 5 rows from the field. 

We got to see Jeter tie Gehrig's all-time Yankee Stadium hit record, A-Rod hit a grand slam, Giambi hit a homer, and Mariano Rivera came into the game with Enter Sandman blaring over the house PA system to close the came out. The Yanks beat TB 8-4.

We can't wait to go back again next year to see the new stadiums!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

2008 WS Prediction

Okay, I making my 2008 World Series Preditiction a little early this year, but I am confident on who the contenders will be...Cubs vs. Angels- with the Cubs winning in 6 games! I think that they will finally break their curse.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Exciting Times...

I know that it's been a while since my last's been pretty hectic around here. Had a great weekend in AZ for Eddie's bachelor party. Saw the D-Backs lose to LA, Man Ram hit 2 homers out! We also got to see the AZ Cards lose to Denver in a preseason game in last year's Superbowl site. The USA men's Olympic baseball team ended up beating Japan for the bronze medal, where the incredible undefeated Korea team won gold over Cuba.

Now it's almost that time...for our trip to NYC! We are going to see a final Shea Stadium game with the Mets playing Hotlanta and if that wasn't enough, we get to see Jeter and the Bombers versus the red hot Rays from some really pimp seats in the final season of House That Ruth Built. We've been planning this BIG trip for over a year, and I can't believe that it's finally here.

Stay tuned kids, same bat-time, same bat-channel...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

USA gets 3rd seed!

Team USA did it! They beat Japan 4-2 in 11 innings to clinch the third seed in the semi-final round in Beijing. The U.S. will play the defending champions, Cuba, tomorrow in the semi-final round. Cuba is 6-1 in the Olympics and the U.S. has a record of 5-2. The unbeaten 7-0 Korea team is the top seed, and will face the fourth seeded 4-3 Japanese team. The two winners of the semi-finals will advance to the finals to play in the gold medal game, and the two semi-finals losers will duke it out in the finals for the bronze.

This should be an exciting finale of Olympic baseball, unless the IOC changes their mind in the future to keep baseball and softball in the olympic games. But unfortunately, the outlook isn't good for the London games in 2012, as the IOC stated that the sports of baseball and softball aren't international enough. They said that they are too American...maybe the sports just aren't European enough to appeal the French lead IOC members! Why not get rid of ping pong or diving...they look too Chinese! Baseball looks pretty international with the strong, pasionate Asian and Latin countries to me, but I must be crazy to disagree with Jacque and the IOC!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

USA Is Hanging Tough

Talk about wild...Looking more like an ice hockey game than a baseball game...Team USA and China were beating each other up in their match up in yesterday's game, where the U.S. won 9 to 1. There were a couple of hard home plate collisions by the U.S. into the Chinese catcher, and a retalitory head hunting bean ball by China. With today's win versus Chinese Taipei, the U.S. only has Japan left before the semi-finals take place. U.S. is tied with Japan with 4 wins and 2 loses a piece. Japan routed China in today's game 10-0. South Korea seems unstopable with a perfect 6-0 record and Cuba has only lost one game (to Korea 7-4) giving them a record of 5-1. The competition remains fierce, but I have faith in our boys that they will pull off a medal...hopefully gold, but even a bronze would make me proud of our team!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WTF!? USA loses to Korea?

Team USA was upset yesterday by South Korea in their first game of the Olympics. South Korea scored 2 runs in the ninth to win 8 to 7. The Americans need to really step it up a notch because their schedule gets even tougher, with Cuba and Japan on the horizon. Hopefully this was a HUGE wakeup call for the U.S., because this is their last chance for an Olympic medal ever, unless the IOC changes their mind.
Here's the U.S. baseball team's Olympic schedule:

Aug 13 vs. Korea L, 7-8
Aug 13 vs. Netherlands 10:30 p.m.
Aug 14 vs. Cuba 11:30 p.m.
Aug 15 vs. Canada 10:30 p.m.
Aug 18 vs. China 7:00 a.m.
Aug 19 vs. Chinese Taipei 7:00 a.m.
Aug 20 vs. Japan 7:00 a.m.
Aug 22 Olympic Semifinals
Aug 23 Olympic Medal Round

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wild Wild NL West...

Just when things were really heating up in the NL West race, the D-Backs went out and got Adam Dunn from Cincy...his bat makes the desert snakes even more unstoppable in the chase for the NL West Division crown. I hope that the great Giants of Nor Cal can make a run and catch up, but if they don't it's cool, just as long as LA doesn't make the playoffs either. The Giants don't really have enough depth to make the playoffs, especially now that they have to compete with an even stronger D-Backs team...none the less, it's gonna be an intersting rest of the season!

Friday, August 8, 2008

2009 Serie Del Caribe

The international baseball scene just keeps heating up, with the recent announcement of the location of the 2009 Carribean's going to be in Mexicali, Mexico in February. That's right, just right across the border from Calexico, CA! We are definitely not going to miss this one, as I have been a fan of the Serie for the past couple of years watching them on ESPN Deportes in 2007 in Puerto Rico and in 2008 in the Dominican Republic. If you aren't familiar with this tourney, it currently consists of 4 carribean country teams: Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, and my fav Puerto Rico. Panama and Cuba have participated in the past, but haven't been active in recent years. Due to financial reasons, Puerto Rico did not compete this year, but they should be back in full force in '09. (Note: Domenican Republic had 2 teams in the '08 tourney due to no Puerto Rico team). We will be there live and in person this time to shout out "sientate!" at the batters when they strike out...instead of yelling it out in our living room at the TV. The latin baseball games appear to be like a huge party in the stands with loud music, hot women dancing around on top of the dugouts, funny looking mascots cutting up, and a lot of whistles and cow bells in the crowd. It will be much different than what I am used to seeing at games here in the good 'ol US of A. It should be a pretty cool experience and will get me ready for the WBC, which starts a month after.

Return of Gojira

Great news...the great hero of Yakyu, Hideki "Godzilla" Matsui, began taking BP and a running program yesterday to rehab his knee. The Yankees should have his much needed bat back in LF or at DH just in time for their push to make the playoffs!
Speaking of Gojira (that's Japanese for Godzilla), my best friend and I are going to Little Tokyo in dowtown LA tomorrow to buy a Godzilla DVD or two to add to my collection and then it's off to enjoy a nice hot tasty bowl of ramen at a noodle house in J-Town! I'm very excited to go, because I haven't had a good bowl of ramen in years, and it'll be the wifey's first time having it. Some of my co-workers highly recommended a spot for us to go, so hopefully it'll be a good one. I'll let you know how it turns out in tomorrow's blog posting.
Just keep on keepin' on...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

World Baseball Classic '09

I'm already getting excited. It's almost that time again...the World Baseball Classic is coming back to a ballpark near you in March 2009. That's right, it's a year early this time, but who cares, the world's best will be competting on the international stage! We had a blast at the 2006 WBC at Angel Stadium. There's even some added excitement with new venues for this year...Mexico City, Toronto, Miami, and the finals are going to be held at Dodger Stadium. The repeat venue locations will be in San Juan, PR, San Diego, and Tokyo, Japan. This is like the World Cup, but better because it's baseball. Let's hope that Jeter and Team USA will do better this go around. They played very poorly, embarrassing themselves in the Inaugural WBC in '06...I mean for Pete's sake, it's our national pasttime! The competition will be fierce with the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and the '06 WBC Champs Japan going for the title. We will be at Chavez Ravine cheering on our beloved US team chanting USA, USA, USA!!!

Speaking of USA on the international baseball scene, the US Olympic Team has high expectations to win the Gold! Let's root on our boys while they compete in the last baseball olympic competetion over in Red China. Hopefully they won't come back with black lung disease or food poisoning!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Okay, so I went to the game last night with my wife and good life long friend, who has Dodger season tix up in the "Blue Heaven" section...thank again Bertie for inviting us! I have to admit, after seing Manny again in person (the last time was at Fenway in '07) I am a Manny fan. I mean, how can you not be? Even if you don't agree with his off-field antics that he subjected the BoSox managment to, he has got to be one of the most colorful and exciting players to watch and cheer for. It is way easier for me to cheer for him now that he is out of the Al East. But seeing how the LA fans embraced him right from the get go and there were so many people adorning brand new Man Ram player tees, it was pretty cool. I wish that I could get a high five from him, but he couldn't possible reach me up in the top deck area. Manny was even playing some decent defense in the outfield. The Dodgers pretty much won the game last night because of Manny's bomb that he launched into the LF Pavillion...he will definitely help them into the playoffs this season. ..I just wish that he'd hurry up and change his jersey number!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Number 99?

Wait a minute...there's only ONE number 99 in LA. The Great One, Wayne Gretzky! What's Man Ram thinking picking that sacred LA number?! Is he trying to tell us that he is the Great One? Hardly! He couldn't even hold Gretzky's jock strap. There he goes, already pissing some LA peops off, or at least he's pissed me off with that arrogant move.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Man Ram in LA!!!

Wow, there have been some huge moves in the past couple of days as the trade deadline is here...Griffey to the Chi Sox and now Manny to LA!
Junior finally has the chance to get a WS ring...not if the Angels keep it going the way they have. But he has at least a better chance than with the Reds.
Coletti must really want to's been 20 years since the boys in blue have won their last WS. But Man Ram? Yes, he's a pretty sweet addition, but can the classiest, most talented manager, Joe Torre tame him? Everyone knows he has had his antics, as my better half says it best, calling him a "loose cannon." The 2004 WS MVP finally pushed Boston to just dump him off onto the Dodgers for an unbalanced deal. I hope that the Dodgers don't allow his bad behavior to continue by making excuses like Boston saying "oh that's just Manny being Manny." It's like when I was a kid and my lil' bro would copy everything that I did and said, and my Italian mom would make the excuse for him saying "that's just how he learns." Will Manny bleed Dodger blue if he chokes and tackles Tommy Lasorda? I guess if the Dodgers acquired Milton Bradley a few years back and onto now another loose cannon...they won't mind his antics too much. Good luck LA! If he plays ball the way he is capable without any Manny being Manny BS, it very well could be a freeway World Series. The Bo Sox are probably better off with Jason Bay in LF, less of a hitter, but less babysitting issues too!

Keep your ear to the ground...

Monday, July 28, 2008


This is my first blog I'd like to thank you for taking the time to check my blog site out. I will post more, as I learn how to use this site.