Friday, April 3, 2009

New Yankee Stadium

Well peops, it's official. The first game is being played in baseball's new cathedral. It just started and Jeter led off for the Yankees with a double. This gives him the last Yankees at bat in the old stadium and the first Yankees at bat in the new park. Pretty cool...I am so excited about the new season starting in two days. The new stadium looks beautiful. It better be, due to it's billion dollar price tag! For free, is showing all of this weekends NY home games for the Mets and Yankees to show off the new stadiums in NYC. I can't wait to go back this September to see both stadiums first hand. I just bought our Yankees tickets online last week and our behind the scenes tour tickets of the Stadium. I haven't bought our Mets tix yet, they haven't gone on sale yet...not really sure what the hold up is over in Queens, but Opening Day is only 2 days away...hmmm? From what I have seen so far by watching the game vs. the Cubbies is that the friese and monument park are still a part of the Yankee stadium tradition. the big change is the huge Sony scoreboard screen in, it's gotta be the biggest one in the Majors! Have a great baseball viewing weekend my friends!

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