Sunday, January 25, 2009

The new MLB Network rocks!

I have to say that I am totally digging the new MLB Network on cable. I really like Harold Reynolds analyses and have been a fan of his when he used to do Sunday night baseball on ESPN with John Kruk. It's really cool to relive some of the previous games. I just watched the coverage of the 2001 season, and last week I watched Don Larsen's perfect game in the '56 WS complete with Vin Scully's commentary, along with the old Gillette commercials. Vin's the best of all time, I might be a little biased, growing up in Dodgertown, but I don't think that that many people would argue against me. It will be really cool to be able to watch the WBC in English this time on the MLB Network. I was forced to watch most of it in Spanish on ESPN Deportes  in '06 and needed my wife to help me out with some of the translations, especially when the announcers would speak at a machine gun rapid fire pace. Their coverage on the individual stadiums are great to watch. After G4, this is my second favorite cable channel. I can't wait to see what they do during the season. Also, Hazel's not to bad on the eyes either!

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