Saturday, January 24, 2009

Times are Changing

Smoltz is now on the BoSox and Glavine might be close to signing with the Nats...Gone are the days of the great rotation in Hotlanta! Glavine left and seeing him as a Met was a little weird, but not as weird as seeing Smotlz in a Braves uniform. I'd like to see Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltzy go back to ATL for at least one more run. 
Okay, so maybe I am somewhat sentimental but after seeing former Beach star Giambi go back to Oakland, made me miss the good old days a little. I am glad to see the power of the 'stache leave NY, because he didn't really do a whole lot for the team. Teixiera is a huge improvement at 1B. At least the Cubbies are being sold to a life long Cub fan who will keep the team going and not sell off the name of the stadium, keeping it called Wrigely Field. 

One thing that hasn't seemed to have changed is Man Ram's ego...he and Boras are starting to tick off McCourt by not taking their offer seriously and waiting for something better. The Mets might be looking at making an offer, but nobody seems to want to dish out more money than what he is worth. It's really just a matter of time when we he really starts being Manny again and poisons his new club, like he did in Boston. He should just take LA's offer and not hold out for more, just look at where baseball's other 3 ring circus, Barry Bonds,  has been last year...sitting on his couch. No one is worth the media circus and head aches that come along with these two. Look at Boston, they are much better off now with Bay in LF. 



I know Yankee fans and Indian fans are usually on the opposite sides of the fence but I do like your writings ! I'm really a huge baseball fan in general. I just discovered your blog this morning after reading your comment about Jeff Kent in the HOF on Sully Baseball.Got there from Cardboard Junkie !I agree , Kent wasn't real popular in Cleveland either but from what I've read ( I'm a big BB history buff ) there have been a lot worse.

Junior75 said...

Thanks, I am glad you like my blog...I too am a really big baseball fan. I like your blog site. I used to collect cards in the mid-80's to early 90's. I'd like to get back into it, but it seems a lot different than what BB cards were 20 years ago. Thanks for reading and I am glad that you are now a follower. Hopefully the Tribe can turn around without CC and the other loses they recently had last season. The Jake is a really beautiful ballpark. Take it easy, and keep on bloging!