Monday, July 13, 2009

Atlanta- Turner Field Review

Turner Field
Year Built: 1996
Capacity: 50, 096
Surface: Grass
Cost to Build:
$209 million
Overall Grade: A
Return Someday: Yes

I apologize to my faithful readers that I haven't written a posting for quite a while, we spent a week in Atlanta, then went to Costa Rica. We were fortunate to visit Atlanta's famous Turner Field. What an experience! The stadium was originally constructed as the 85, 000 seat Olympic Centennial Stadium for the 1996 Summer Olympic games. Immediately afterwards, it became the new home to the Atlanta Braves after some modifications. The stadium's nickname is "the Ted", affectionately named after Atlanta business tycoon, and former Braves owner, Ted Turner. In the parking lot is the original outfield wall from Fulton County Stadium with te exact marking where Hank Aaron hit his 755th homer.

There were many bronze statues of former Braves greats like Hank Aaron in the front plaza o
utside the stadium. Once you enter, there is a huge photo of Hammerin' Hank's 755th homerun ball on the side of the stadium wall.

In the entry plaza, there is a Cartoon Network kid's zone with games and activities. The was a talented marching band playing a drumline outside which was really cool to see.

Since Atlanta is the home of Coca-Cola, there is a Coca-Cola area in the LF. They have these huge Coke bottle shaped chairs to sit in and Coke bottle cannons that shoots out smoke when a homerun is hit.

There is also a huge Coke bottle standing up that is made up of Braves jerseys, bats, and coke bottle plastic caps. The food options were really good. They had a nice restaurant that we dined in before the game. The menu was pretty much usual ballpark fare, but it was a great experience, nonetheless. We both had the pulled BBQ chicken sandwich with fries. The stadium staffwere very they d
emonstrated that famous southern hospitality. This was pretty much universal throughout the city as well. It was a very humid day with the temperature at 94 degrees, which doesn't seem all that bad, but with the humidity, it was pretty brutal. I have never experienced humidity like this before in my life. Before the game, we took a tour of the stadium and the Braves Hall of Fame museum. Both were very interesting and historical. We got a free foam tomahawk to do "the chop." We never did "the chop" because we were actually rooting for the visiting team...luckily for us, the Yankees were in town! The Yankees won by the way. The fans were very friendly, showing their southern charm. The seats were very comfortable. Apparently Coca-Cola isn't the only company based out of Atlanta. Chik-Fila is a hometown favorite and they have a few Chik-Fila concession stands, but even better, they have a 25 foot tall cow standing up holding a sign and a wearing a Braves cap. He does the tomahawk chop with the crowd when they play the chop music. It was really cool seeing that.

We truly enjoyed our Turner Field visit, and would definitely go back if we were ever in the neighborhood. We also toured the World of Coca- Cola, CNN, Centennial Olympic Park, and the sweet Auburn neighborhood where we saw Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth house and his final resting place. If you've never been to Atlanta, Georgia, treat yourselves and make the trip. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

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