Friday, July 31, 2009

Papi, Manny, A-Rod..who's next?

Okay, I know that I haven't written a baseball related posting in a while... but with yesterday's news about Manny and Papi testing positive for steroids in 2003, I had to get this off my chest. WTF!?!? I am so close to walking away from this ridiculous circus of a game completely. Were all of the MLB stars from the last two decades on steroids? Are all of beloved players cheaters? Are all of the Dominican players on the juice? I am so sick of hearing about these players cheating. It's really disgusting to think of the past couple decades and all of the broken records that were treasured by baseball purists. And what's up with the ridiculous stupid fans continuing to cheer for these losers? Manny comes back and gets standing ovations by almost all of the fans, except my buddy Rob, at Chavez Ravine! Aren't these the same idiots that booed and vilified Bonds just a few years ago? So it's okay if he's on your team? Trust me as a Giants fan, I didn't cheer for Bonds. And to Bonds' credit, his name hasn't surfaced from the 2003 list, at least not yet. Even the idiots at Fenway were jumping on their feet cheering for Papi after his double and HR during yesterday's game...come on BoSox fans, you are smarter than that! These are the same morons that held up asterisks signs and booed Barry at Fenway in 2007 when I was there watching my beloved Giants (see the proof above). Even most of the fans of the Bronx Bombers still cheer for A-Roid...come on people, show some respect for the game and it's history. Do something that Papi, A-Rod, Manny, at whoever's next hasn't done...RESPECT the game and it's treasured records!

So even the Curse of the Bambino wasn't strong enough to ward off the great cheaters of 2004 and 2007. What do we do, strip them of their WS titles? Put asterisks on everything achieved since 1989? No, that's not practical, but it is very very sad. I already once walked away from the game in 1994 due to the strike because I was disgusted by the players greed, but this is way about greedy disgusting players! I didn't return to watching baseball until 2000, when my wife got me back into it. Who's next? Pujols, Howard, Ichiro, Vlady, Mo? I promise you all this...I will walk away from the game FOREVER if Derek Jeter, MLB's poster boy and fan hero, is ever found to have used steroids. I will keep my words and find a new past time. Maybe soccer or hell kite flying, why not?

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