Friday, August 8, 2008

2009 Serie Del Caribe

The international baseball scene just keeps heating up, with the recent announcement of the location of the 2009 Carribean's going to be in Mexicali, Mexico in February. That's right, just right across the border from Calexico, CA! We are definitely not going to miss this one, as I have been a fan of the Serie for the past couple of years watching them on ESPN Deportes in 2007 in Puerto Rico and in 2008 in the Dominican Republic. If you aren't familiar with this tourney, it currently consists of 4 carribean country teams: Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, and my fav Puerto Rico. Panama and Cuba have participated in the past, but haven't been active in recent years. Due to financial reasons, Puerto Rico did not compete this year, but they should be back in full force in '09. (Note: Domenican Republic had 2 teams in the '08 tourney due to no Puerto Rico team). We will be there live and in person this time to shout out "sientate!" at the batters when they strike out...instead of yelling it out in our living room at the TV. The latin baseball games appear to be like a huge party in the stands with loud music, hot women dancing around on top of the dugouts, funny looking mascots cutting up, and a lot of whistles and cow bells in the crowd. It will be much different than what I am used to seeing at games here in the good 'ol US of A. It should be a pretty cool experience and will get me ready for the WBC, which starts a month after.

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I just started looking for tickets to the Serie del Caribe. Seat location from Ticketmaster is down the right field line. If you come up with a way to get better seats legally, let me know.