Sunday, August 3, 2008


Okay, so I went to the game last night with my wife and good life long friend, who has Dodger season tix up in the "Blue Heaven" section...thank again Bertie for inviting us! I have to admit, after seing Manny again in person (the last time was at Fenway in '07) I am a Manny fan. I mean, how can you not be? Even if you don't agree with his off-field antics that he subjected the BoSox managment to, he has got to be one of the most colorful and exciting players to watch and cheer for. It is way easier for me to cheer for him now that he is out of the Al East. But seeing how the LA fans embraced him right from the get go and there were so many people adorning brand new Man Ram player tees, it was pretty cool. I wish that I could get a high five from him, but he couldn't possible reach me up in the top deck area. Manny was even playing some decent defense in the outfield. The Dodgers pretty much won the game last night because of Manny's bomb that he launched into the LF Pavillion...he will definitely help them into the playoffs this season. ..I just wish that he'd hurry up and change his jersey number!


partymonkey said...

Maybe Manny will change his not so nice Manny ways now that he's on a team that loves him. With so many adoring fans in LA he would be really selfish to act any other way but grateful. We all enjoy the fun side of Manny and I think this move will left his spirits and remind him of his love for the game.

First Timers said...

Whats with all of this Dodgers and Bronx Bombers talk? I thought you were black and orange till the end?