Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2009 WBC- San Diego

As promised, here are the deets on our trip down to San Diego last Sunday to watch Cuba vs. Japan. Since it is only a 2 hour drive to San Diego from LA, we thought, why not? So we went doen to my wife's home town and watched a second round WBC game at Petco Park. It was a 2006 WBC Finals rematch between two of the world's best baseball teams. Dice-K was on the hill for Japan, which was cool to see him pitching for Japan and not the BoSox! It was really amazing on how many Japanese and Cubans filled the stands. There were definitely some Cubans wanting revenge from there team's loss three years ago. We were sitting in a section of almost all Japanese fans. We joined in and cheered on Ichiro and his country mates with the fans in our section. I even wore my Yomiuri Giants cap to the game. Dice-K was awesome, and Japan won the contest 6-0. The noise from the fans was continuous with chanting, waving flags, holding signs, and the thundersticks. We had a great time. If this isn't a reason for the WBC, I don't know what is. The international spirit of the game was definitely there among the players and the fans!

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