Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2009 WBC- Toronto trip- Part III

First, I apologize to my blog friends that I haven't followed up on my Toronto WBC trip...I am still getting over my Canadian cold. Anyway, since I am home sick from work today, I thought that I would wrap up the Toronto WBC postings. Like I said, we had a blast...we got to see team USA's all-star dream team, led by my favorite player, Derek Jeter. Overall USA did okay in the tournament. They hammered team Venezuela in their first meeting, but the last game of Pool C, the US played very poorly...as if they didn't care. They already secured their 2nd round spot, so this game was to determine who would have the top seed of Pool C. 
This seems to be a common issue with team USA in contrast to the other 15 teams that were/are in the '09 WBC. To most of the non-USA players, winning this tournament for their home country is much more important than winning a World Series for a city that they have no affiliation with other than a paycheck. I truly wish that the U.S. players felt the same way as their foreign counter parts. Like Ichiro said in '06, winning the '06 WBC is the most important day in his baseball career. Why can't others feel that way? It is shameful for the Americans not to feel that way. If they want to treat it like Spring Training games, then they should have been training and practicing since January if they wanted to participate, that way they can give
 110% for their team, country, and fans. Believe it or not Team USA, but their are a lot of fans out there, like us that really care about the WBC and want to feel a true sense of national pride that doesn't come with the 26 World Series championships, but with seeing your country win for their people.  Have a safe and fun St. Patty's day everyone! And PLEASE don't drink and drive!

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