Sunday, March 22, 2009

What went wrong for Team USA in the '09 WBC?

After tonight's disappointing 9-4 loss against Japan, I decided to write about what went wrong for the US team in this year's WBC. First of all, many of the 
best American players turned down their offers to play in the tourney. Whereas, their foreign born counterparts did not, unless they were injured. Next, the Americans treated the WBC as spring training games, playing half-ass. Where all of the other 15 teams did not. The other 15 contending teams played for their country by giving 110%. Davey Johnson showed that he was a terrible manager by playing the games as if they were spring training. What happened to "the team comes first" mentality that he preached before the tourney started? He kept in Peavey and Oswalt during their starts way too long, when they were getting blown out, because he said they need to get their work in...this basically lost the game to Japan tonight. In addition, Johnson batted Evan Longoria, a righty vs. a righty with the winds blowing in from RF with available runner on third. Instead he should have kept Shane Victorino, a lefty in the game to take the at bat. Johnson batted Longoria because he felt bad that Longoria travelled all the way from FL two days ago and needed to have an at-bat in the WBC for his troubles. What's up with Dunn not hustling for the looper into RF tonight? His old lazy ass needs to retire.  Another big reason was having Adam Dunn starting in RF and even 1st base throughout the tournament...why not have Granderson in CF and Victorino in RF, and use Dunn as a PH as needed. Hey Davey, this was an international tournament against the world's best, not an all-star game! Like I said before, if the American players knew that they were going to play in the WBC ahead of time, they should have started training for it back in December/ January. This was obvious with all of the US injuries and fielding errors in the WBC. Why didn't the other teams endure as many injuries to their MLB players? PREPARATION, IS THE ANSWER, MY FRIENDS. I am tired of people making excuses for the US team, saying that since they have MLB players, they don't want to risk injury by playing their hardest and that they weren't in game shape to begin with...uh, what about all of the other 15 teams that had MLB players on them? Did the Dominican Republic give those excuses for their early departure? No, they did not.  Did Puerto Rico or Venezuela give those excuses...No way! I am embarrassed at my country's WBC performance. They really didn't deserve to beat Puerto Rico to go to the semis. I wonder what would have happened if PR had deservingly beat the US in Miami...hmmm? Yes, the US did better than their '06 performance, but this is our game...our national past time, and we should be in the finals every time this tournament happens. What a huge disappointment. Especially when you hear Chipper Jones making ignorant statements about Toronto being a cow town. Uh...Toronto is a cow town??? Funny, I didn't see anything like that during our week in Toronto. It was like a mini NYC or Chi-Town. Toronto proudly touts the title of the world's most multi-cultural city. Talk about an ignorant redneck! This type of arrogance and ignorance portrayed by an American is a huge reason why the US is disliked internationally. Chipper Jones shouldn't have been on the team to begin with. At 3B, it should have been Wright and Longoria. Jones shouldn't have been able to even only makes the rest of us look bad to the rest of the world. I am so disappointed and once again embarrassed at USAs performance in the WBC. I guess I will be rooting for Ichiro and team Japan at Dodger Stadium tomorrow night to repeat their WBC title against they very strong gold medal winning team Korea. News to team's no longer our sport, and you don't automatically deserve to win just because you are American MLB All-Stars! Maybe we should use a team full of AAA minor leaguers in 2013...I'm sure that they would treat the WBC tourney with the same pride and respect that it receives internationally. 

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matt said...

I completely agree with your closing sentiments and think a mix of veterans and prospects would be much more intense of a tourney for team USA.

I feel like Davey got worn down by GMs calling him on the phone like creditors, but yeah, he caved to the demands of MLB team management.

Korea vs Japan tonight! Wish it was USA vs Korea, but a great match up either way.