Saturday, December 13, 2008

CC and K Rod to NYC and Jeter's USA

Okay, so it's cool that the Yankees signed CC, but I don't agree with such a lengthy contract...7 years!? Did the Steinbrenners not learn anything from the Zito debacle? The only difference is that Sabathia is in his prime and Barry was past his prime when the deals were signed. If my last name was Steinbrenner, I would have offered a 3 year/ 65 mil., or maybe a 4 year 80 million dollar contract. I like it that the Bombers got Burnett from TOR for 5 years. That will be a great rotation with CC, Burnett, Wang, Pettite, and Joba. Wow!!! Maybe a championship during their first year in their new stadium...The House that Jeter Built. The Yanks won't have to worry as much about ANA because they just lost K-Rod to the Mets...take that Scoscia! 
Speaking of the Prince of New York and MLB's poster boy, DJ just announced that he will return as the starting SS for Team USA in the WBC...I think that the US will go to the finals at Chavez Ravine and not embarrass themselves like they did in the '06 WBC. Especially since they won't have the Big Choke, Madonna's boy toy at third taking up space. The US born A-Rod announced that he will play for the DR this time, a decision that he struggled with 3 years ago. I would like to see David Wright at the hot corner for the US, giving a much improved IF left side. I know that the DR is always a power house, but come-on...Alou is managing??? Lame!!! And no Vlad Guerrero again. I don't think that they will go much past the 2nd round this time. 

Even my pisan, Tommy Lasorda, will be involved...serving as the '09 WBC's Ambassador...that's pretty cool! I like the US's manager's choice this year, Davey Johnson, is much improvement over Buck Martinez. Johnson led the US Olympic team to bronze in Beijing a few months ago and is a proven leader. It would only be better if Torre was managing the team, but Johnson is a great choice! Buck just needs to stick with doing TV commentary and leave the managing to the experts. I can't wait for Toronto and hopefully I can catch a game at Chavez Ravine in the finals. Keep your ears to ground my friends!

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