Friday, December 5, 2008

So long Senor Vizquel

The Giants just signed Edgar Rentaria to play short, which solidifies that the aren't going to resign the Venezualan legend Omar Vizquel. The future hall of famer played for the Giants for 5 years and even though he's 41 years old, he still can bring a solid gold glove to the short stop position...I would suspect that someone will sign him, and be very lucky to do so. Omar will truly be missed, he was my favorite Giant player, since JT Snow retired a few years back. 

I'm not sure if Sabbean made that great of a decision, replacing one old guy for another at short stop. I would have kept Vizquel for a couple of more seasons and tried to get a homegrown youngster from the farm system. Sabbean really makes some dumb decisions, like the ludicrous Zito contract and keeping the Bonds' circus going for way too long. Not to mention getting lame ass Bochy as the manager...they should have got Bud Black instead. But I think his worst mistake was trading away Liriano and Nathan to the Twins. I'm surprised that he hasn't tried to ship Lincecum off for some lame ass wash up. Really, getting Rich Aurillia back? Sabbean sure likes collecting old dudes! He makes it difficult to stay a Giants fan. Take some management lessons from Steinbrenner for Pete's sake!!!

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zolquex said...

Vizquel is clearly not an everyday player and at best is a defensive replacement. This isn't the 80's anymore, you can't have a .222 hitter in the lineup. You want him over Renteria and yet complain that "Sabbean sure likes collecting old dudes!" They don't get much older than Vizquel. He's 41 and you want him for another couple years? I wish you ran the Giants.