Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What economic woes?

I guess the economic woes haven't hit the New York Yankees. At least they don't act like it has with signing Teixeira, Sabathia, and Burnett to long FAT contracts. Steinbrenner is spending money like there's no tomorrow. With low sales on the new cathedral's luxury boxes and they just got hit with a huge $27 million luxury tax by MLB this week, it is surprising that they can still keep going like this! Conversely, they are offering 25 cent bleacher seats for their first two exhibition games at the new generous of Steinbrenner to go back to the 1923 bleacher seat price of a quarter, just in time for Christmas! They are making it really affordable to anyone, even those fans living in Washington Heights. But once the season gets started, those same seats will go for $2500 leaving the average joe to get priced out and have to watch the games on YES and MY 9 at home. I guess the Steinbrenners need to keep those prices consistently high to make their payroll...not to mention they will sell a crap load of new CC, AJ, and Teixeira jerseys wit their new Yankee Stadium inaugural season patches. They have to pay their big contracts and their end of the mostly publicly funded new stadium some how. Teixeira will be a big improvement at first base replacing Giambi. Hopefully they will get Andy Pettite on board for next season...he shouldn't cost too much money, in comparison. I'm calling it now, the Yankees win the '09 WS, ending their 9 year drought.

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