Monday, February 2, 2009

Caribbean Series 2009- Starts Today!!!

Yes friends, it's that time again for beisbol in the tropics...the Caribbean Series! La Serie del Caribe starts today!!! This year it is being held in Mexicali, Mexico, just right across the border from Calexico, CA. It should be action packed with some of Latin America's best talent. I am predicting my favorite latin team, Puerto Rico, to win it all this year, as I do every year. I can't wait to watch the games on the MLB channel from the safety of my couch. We were going to take a trip down to Mexicali to watch a couple of games, but considering the recent dangers that Mexico presents, we decided to steer clear of any potential problems. The druglords have taken over the country and there are daily kidnappings and beheadings going on throughout the country, especially in the border towns. The U.S. State Dept.  has issued a travel advisory for U.S. citizens and have put Mexico on the same travel list as Iraq and other dangerous places in the world. Regardless, I will once again enjoy watching the Serie on TV. Next year it should be in Venezuela and the year after (2011), back in PR. We might start saving up now to check it out live in February 2011 from Puerto Rico where it's much safer to travel to and we don't have to exchange our dollars for pesos.

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And on't forget Carl Pavano. pitcher