Saturday, February 7, 2009

et tu A-Rod?

So A-FRAUD really is a fraud and a cheater! According to SI and ESPN, Alex tested positive for 'roids in '03, while playing for Texas when he won the AL MVP and HR titles. Not only did he cheat on his wife, now he has been found out to have cheated at work, both of which I consider sacred grounds:
marriage and baseball. 
This really says a lot about his character. He has had such a tough time with the NY fans accepting him,
 now imagine how the fans and media are going to tear him up. He has never gotten Jeter-esque love in NY and face it, he 
never ever will. After Bonds broke Aaron's HR record, everyone in the media and baseball world were saying that A-Rod will be baseball's savior from the steroid tarnished era. Everyone said that he would be the next HR champion without having hit any with steroids...I guess they were wrong big time! It just really sucks that the pure records of Mays, Ruth, and Aaron are being broken by immoral, unscrupulous A-holes. Even with all of this crap going on 
over the last 20 years, we, the fans, still love the game for what it is...not what it has become- and we will always be there. The game would be better off without Bonds, Clemens, and A-Rod. We need more Jeters out there that play the game with 110% all of the time without any cheating or ego trips...yet another reason why he is MLBs poster child. Next time I am at a Yankee game, I will be booing Gay-Rod along with everyone else in the stands (home and away fans). NY has been a better team without him anyway! 

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