Thursday, June 3, 2010

2010 MLB All-Star Game

A-yeah, yeah. I am so stoked...I just bought my tickets for the AS Game and HR Derby!!! I have never been to an AS Game or a WS Game, both of which I have planned to accomplish in my lifetime. Well, at least I can scratch one of those goals off my list. We are going to all of this year's events. The AS Game, HR Derby, Celebrity Softball Game, Futures Game, and Fanfest. Since we aren't traveling to any new ballparks this season, we have been saving up to go to this event of a lifetime! Since the AS Game is at our closest ballpark, we had to go. Stay tuned for my official post AS weekend review. "Today was a good day..."

Ken Griffey Jr.

Talk about a sad day in baseball...Ken Griffey Jr. officially retired and sadly, I feel like a little part of my youth has died. The Kid has always been one of my favorite players of all time. I will miss his positive attitude, his big smiles, his backwards cap, his Nike ads, and his golden glove plays made in CF. I still have my unopened 1989 Upper Deck complete set that I have treasured since a teenager since it has his rookie card in it. This and my autographed Mantle ball are probably my most treasured baseball items. Unfortunately, Griffey Jr. had a bunch of injuries that really slowed down his career. He probably would have broken Aaron's all-time HR record. Nonetheless, Junior should be a first ballot Hall of Famer. Junior, you will be missed. Thanks for all of the great memories !!!